Photo Booths

Unlike our friends across the pond, photo booth hire in the UK is still relatively new.  Why hire a booth? Why not! BoothStar have three fantastic reasons why photo booth rental is an ideal choice for your wedding reception, birthday celebration or corporate event.

Reason one – photo booth hire is so much more fun than we can put into words for you. Even planning your booth rental is bags of fun, from choosing your package add-ons to deciding what style of prints you need. On the day, the minute the photo booth is up, watch as the queues begin and the crowds gather around the prop box in eager anticipation. Photo booth hire brings an excitement to your party that’s incomparable to a DJ or performer.

Which brings us to reason two – photo booth rental is interactive. You get into the booth, you pose for the pictures and you take the photographs away. BoothStar is the most interactive source of fun for your event, from beginning to end. Even after the event is over and your photo booth is becoming a memory, the powers of our private online galleries and social media means your guests can continue to enjoy the photos long afterwards.

Finally, reason three – BoothStar is stylish for any event. BoothStar’s photo booths look great at any function, day or night. It’s also a sleek way of collating memories of a very important or sophisticated day. You don’t have to pull a face or strike a crazy pose with your friends – it’s just more fun if you do!

Let your guests slip behind the photo booth curtain in twos, threes, fours or even eights. The secrecy of photo booth will allow your guests to relax and have fun in front of the camera. No awkward poses or forced smiles – a photo booth smile is genuine fun, and leaves both you and your guests with a spontaneous memento of the event. BoothStar print unlimited copies and provide one for every person photographed and one for you – so no one misses out on the instant photo booth fun.

Do you want to hear more reasons why photo booth hire from BoothStar is perfect for your event? Call or email the BoothStar team today.

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