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Boothstar have photo booths for hire for whatever event you have in mind. We are experienced in photo booth hire and have attended many occasions where the photo booth opportunity has really enhanced the enjoyment of the function for the guests. It might have been at a small family gathering for someone’s birthday or a great affair in a big hotel after a lavish wedding ceremony and reception, or a corporate event where clients are being invited to see a new product being launched. We can be there to be part of the entertainment with our photo booths for hire and keep your guests amused with our fabulous booths and a fantastic range of dressing up props to add to the fun of the occasion as groups of friends and family eagerly await their turn in the booth and under the spotlight.

If you have never considered photo booths for hire until now, then you have a wonderful treat in store when you finally make all the arrangements for Boothstar to attend your event and see for yourself how much it is enjoyed and appreciated by those who use it. Many people come back to us after their first Boothstar experience at another function and want to book one of our photo booths for hire at their own event because they have enjoyed it so much! The booth butlers are getting to know many places around the country as they visit with their Premium or Pod photo booths ready to produce lots of fun photos for the assembled guests. So what are you waiting for – contact the Boothstar office with your requirements for photo booth hire and leave the rest to us! You can be sure that your event will be talked about by your happy guests as they continue to get enjoyment from looking at the photographic results.


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