Party photo booth hire

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We all love getting invitations to parties don’t we?! And they can range from a simple gathering for a few people in a house to a massively grand affair in a huge venue with all sizes in between. It’s good to be able to be part of a family gathering or amongst a group of friends to celebrate a special occasion.

Here at Boothstar we also enjoy being invited to parties and we don’t mind whether they are large or small. In recent months we have taken our party photo booth hire to them all – weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, and several birthdays including all the big ones – 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th, not forgetting the children’s and students parties. We have been able to cater for parties consisting of from 19 to 1400 people at different times. It’s a good job we can fit more than one person in the booth at a time, especially when most people enjoy having group photos taken.

Our hosts have always kept us informed of their plans for the party and how our party photo booth hire can add further entertainment to their occasion. Sometimes, they have a special theme in mind for the party and we try to make sure that the props we bring blend in with their plans. We can also colour code our booths and prints to match any colour scheme they might have. These little touches are very important to make the party complete and we take great pains to ensure the customer gets exactly the party they want. If you want your party to be a great success, make it a priority to book a Boothstar party photo booth hire. Contact our office now and our friendly team will advise you on the best option to suit your party

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Vintage photo booth hire

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Boothstar often gets asked for vintage photo booth hire. Our styled photo booths offer a vintage experience for guests who have 4 photographs in each session and receive an instant print-out – just like in the old days of seaside holidays only much better now that they have been updated. No more wafting of wet photos waiting for them to dry! No more restrictions on where to find the photo booths – you can have one wherever you want. The black & white strip style print fits in perfectly with a vintage-themed wedding or party and is a lovely keepsake for the guests.

If your guests haven’t all got into the mood of the party with their outfits, then we can offer a fabulous range of vintage style props such as hats, wigs, glasses, boas and cigarette holders from our dressing up box so that they can add the old-fashioned touch to the party and make the group photographs much more interesting! It is also good fun to use one of our picture frames in the photo booth to highlight the best part of the photo. These are some of the accessories that Boothstar bring to keep the vintage feel to the photos.

What better way to relive the memories of a fantastic evening than by smiling over the resulting photographs from Boothstar’s vintage photo booth hire packages. Our vintage-look brown guestbooks can also be  lovely way to capture the memories and good wishes of guests who leave messages and names next to their duplicate photos. This is a bonus for the host as they have a beautiful keepsake to remind them of the occasion. When you are planning a party with a vintage feel to it, contact Boothstar to see how their Vintage photo booth hire can enhance the occasion and add that finishing touch.

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Photo Booths For Hire

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Boothstar have photo booths for hire for whatever event you have in mind. We are experienced in photo booth hire and have attended many occasions where the photo booth opportunity has really enhanced the enjoyment of the function for the guests. It might have been at a small family gathering for someone’s birthday or a great affair in a big hotel after a lavish wedding ceremony and reception, or a corporate event where clients are being invited to see a new product being launched. We can be there to be part of the entertainment with our photo booths for hire and keep your guests amused with our fabulous booths and a fantastic range of dressing up props to add to the fun of the occasion as groups of friends and family eagerly await their turn in the booth and under the spotlight.

If you have never considered photo booths for hire until now, then you have a wonderful treat in store when you finally make all the arrangements for Boothstar to attend your event and see for yourself how much it is enjoyed and appreciated by those who use it. Many people come back to us after their first Boothstar experience at another function and want to book one of our photo booths for hire at their own event because they have enjoyed it so much! The booth butlers are getting to know many places around the country as they visit with their Premium or Pod photo booths ready to produce lots of fun photos for the assembled guests. So what are you waiting for – contact the Boothstar office with your requirements for photo booth hire and leave the rest to us! You can be sure that your event will be talked about by your happy guests as they continue to get enjoyment from looking at the photographic results.


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Boothstar Photo Booths for hire

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Boothstar photo booth hire teams visit many different venues in the course of their work from Claridges to Cowshed, Welsh Castles to Devon cliff top hotels, award ceremonies to first birthdays. Our booths vary in size and shape from the luxury and large Premium to the compact and cute Pod. When you also consider the custom builds that we can offer, Boothstar have a photo booth to suit all situations. No matter what event you are planning, there will be a Boothstar option that will suit your venue and occasion. It doesn’t make any difference to us whether you have chosen a city or country venue as we are ready to travel to all parts of the country, north, south, east and west. Boothstar photo booths are available for hire anywhere!

We have already been to Cooling Castle Barn and Winters Barn regularly,  know the Beaumont Estate as well as the Braxted Park Estate. Thoresby Hall and Colwick Hall are popular venues. We have mixed with distinguished guests at Brooks’s club and the Royal Southampton Yacht club. Boothstar photo booth hire teams regularly visit stately homes such as Rownhams House, Hampton Manor and Harewood House to attend weddings and parties. The metropolis is well known to the teams who have often visited to attend functions at Vinopolis, China Boulevard and the Hard Rock Cafe. There are not many counties that we have not visited on a regular basis and have teams available to attend your event wherever you might be. Boothstar photo booths for hire whenever you need them!


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American (Pie) Reunion Photo Booth

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If you haven’t already visited the cinema to see the Latest American Pie release, take a look at the trailer teaser below.  It shows a montage of images inside a photo booth of the returning cast with the all too familiar theme music playing in the background.

Say hello to Jim, Michelle, Heather, Oz, Finch, Stiffler, Vicky and Kevin…

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Wedding Photo Booth Hire

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Most couples spend a lot of time (and money!) planning their perfect wedding. They want to have a day to remember for the rest of their lives so they go to the trouble of organising exactly what they think will be most suitable for them and their guests. It’s no wonder then that many couples turn to us to provide our Boothstar wedding photo booths as part of the evening reception entertainment. They want their family and friends to have the time of their lives with lots of fabulous photos from the wedding photo booth hire during the course of the evening.

BoothStar teams have attended wedding receptions after Church and Synagogue ceremonies: they have been present at civil ceremonies in Hotels and Castles and have set up their booths in Village Halls and Marquees. They are ready with their photo booths to attend your wedding and give your guests an exciting attraction at the reception or be available to provide an interesting distraction during the transition from ceremony to reception. Most couples are now discovering that the best way to capture the exciting memories whilst entertaining the guests in a unique environment is to use a Boothstar wedding photo booth hire package.

When you are considering what to plan for in your wedding budget, make sure you allocate enough money to allow you to book one of our fabulous wedding photo booths – it will certainly make it a day to remember complete with all the happy photographic memories produced for the guests and for yourselves by means of the guestbook. Our Booth butlers will ensure that all duplicate prints are put into the guestbook and that all the guests leave messages of congratulations next to their photos.

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