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Thanks to touch-screen technology, digital camera equipment and photo booth software, renting a vintage photo booth for your event is an increasingly hi tech, high quality experience. But more and more people are considering a throwback to the photo booth’s of yesteryear when planning their events by hiring a vintage booth!

What’s the difference between a standard photo booth and a vintage photo booth then? Well the retro booths have a greater sense of nostalgia thanks to the aesthetics they adopt. At BoothStar, our Pod Booth is a perfect example – we use a large curtain to enclose the users in the ‘booth’ as they have their pictures taken. We can also print classic one by four frame photos, to imitate retro booth prints from the past! Furthermore, we can even do them in black and white.

That’s ultimately where the differences end, however. The vintage photo booth and our standard booth still use the same up-to-date photo booth software, as well as the same high quality photography equipment. So you may have a booth from the past but your photos will certainly be of a modern standard!

Talk more about vintage photo booth hire with the BoothStar team today.

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What do teachers do when their students aren’t around? Well we’ll never know, because the photo’s from the BoothStar portable photo booth from the annual Stagecoach Dinner and Dance are censored!

Teachers and staff from the UK’s largest network of drama schools gather every year to celebrate the success of the brand. Creating 700 schools and nurturing talent in over 40,000 students is no mean feat, so a grand knees up is obviously the best way to do so. We were approached by an Ascot-based events company to do the honours of providing the entertainment – one of our slick party photo booths!

Never has BoothStar even witnessed such an enthused reaction to a fancy dress box. The thespians dived into our brightly coloured wigs and hats and into the photo booth before you could say BoothStar – and that’s when the fun really got started.

The snaps from our instant photo booth are censored to prevent students from Stagecoach from sneaking a peak. But we were more than happy to send a DVD of all the photographs directly to the events company to ensure the guests have electronic copies as well as their multiple hard copies.

If you are considering photo booth hire for your event, then get in touch with BoothStar today to get all the information and find out what really goes on behind those curtains!

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Are you Planning to Rent a Booth?

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…If so, you’re definitely in the right place. If you’re planning a celebration of any kind and would like to rent a booth, you must first consider the following.

What kind of photos do you want to represent the day? This is possibly the first important decision you’ll have to make about photo booth rental. Half the fun of photo booth rental is waiting outside for all your snaps to be printed, and if you don’t like the result it’ll be hard to change on the night. We offer black and white or full colour, as well as frame options – choose between a postcard sized two by two print, a horizontal strip or a vertical strip. A postcard photo is fun and makes a statement, while the strips are a bit more retro. Choose wisely when renting a photo booth!

Are you going to have a guestbook? Don’t rent a photo booth without organising one of these! A Guestbook is essential for weddings, civil ceremonies, birthdays or any family celebration. They’re also the gift that keeps on giving long after your photo booth rental, because every time you open it up and flick through you’ll be transported back to some great memories of the day.

Finally, how will you customise your photo booth hire? This is your opportunity to get creative when you rent a booth. Whether you go for a simple reminder of the date and occasion or say “Thank You”, make sure you brand your photos with your own personal message. And what about the booth skin – do you fancy cow print, or maybe bright pink? Don’t worry if you’re not feeling the creative juices flowing – when you rent a booth, our staff will be more than happy to come up with some fun ideas for your specification.

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Remember, remember, the fifth of November… and we know Debbie’s guests will, after she threw a memorable bonfire bash in London. Photo booth hire is often associated with many different kinds of events including weddings and birthdays, but attending Debbie’s party recently proved that you really can take photo booth hire anywhere.

Overlooking Regents Park in London, Debbie’s fireworks party incorporated a live jazz band throughout the evening as well as food, drinks and (of course) a fireworks display. The portable photo booth rental proved to be a popular source of entertainment for the children of all ages at the event – even the adults!

Instant photo booth hire gives your guests an instant source of fun. Because the photographs print out quickly, there’s no hanging about outside the booth or lengthy waiting times. We provide unlimited prints and usage of the photo booth throughout the hire period, so even if your guests are starting to fizzle out your photo booth certainly won’t!

The BoothStar photo booth team even made a new friend on the night in the form of firey London based Dragon James Caan. The Dragons Den star was celebrating the night in style and even subjected himself to a photo booth moment with our team – needless to say, he wasn’t anywhere near dragon-like in real life!

If you’re looking for photo booth hire in London or anywhere in the UK, speak to BoothStar today and put some sparkle into your event. We can guarantee you photo booth fun on the night, but we unfortunately can’t promise any celebrities…

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We don’t throw around words like “extravagant” all too often but when we walked into Lucy and Chris’s wedding reception in London with our photo booth, we thought we’d accidently walked into a scene from a film! Intimate purple lighting and intricate details and centre pieces turned the stunning Central London location into the perfect setting for their big day. Therefore only perfect wedding photo booth hire would do!

Our sleek, black stylish wedding booth is perfect for any wedding photo booth hire. Entertainment at your wedding needn’t compromise on your themes and décor, so choosing a slick Boothstar wedding photo booth is a smart choice that ensures your guests are having fun while the booth compliments the event.

Working on behalf of a large events company based in London, our photo booth hire package gave Lucy and Chris unlimited black and white photographs, as well as a guestbook to store the duplicates in. The black and white instant photo booth photos looked incredibly sophisticated, further adding to the event. Gorgeous bride Lucy was seen on a number of occasions posing in various glasses and picture frames in our portable photo booth, while groom Chris opted for a few of our comedy wigs and hats. Their friends and family weren’t shy about following suit too.

Wedding photo booth hire has a knack for bringing people together in a truly original way. Our wedding photo booth provides photos your guests can treasure long after the night is over, and always remind them on your special day.

Find out more about wedding photo booth hire in London and around the UK by chatting with the Boothstar team today.

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Photo booth hire in London is always popular and our recent trip to Spring Studios in Camden was no exception. Love Potion – a speed-dating fundraiser for the Motor Neurone Disease Association – is an incredibly lust-fuelled event with love at its core. As well as exotic cocktails courtesy of Bulldog Gin and aphrodisiac cupcakes from the Black Cherry Bakery, this was one event set to get pulses racing.

Hosted by none other than Sadie Frost and friends, Love Potion also boasted DJ Jodie Harsh and guests including Jade Davidson and Holly Davidson, as well as one of our party photo booths. London didn’t know what’d hit it!

Sadie Frost and Jodie Harsh were just some of the stars gracing our portable photo booth on the night, as the BoothStar team supplied unlimited black and white prints with a personalised Love Potion message. Love was in the air, and a lot of it was bursting into our photo booth.

Hire in London can be dependent on many things, including parking and additional travel fees. However BoothStar are highly experienced in providing photo booths to the capital, and no location in London is too hard for us to find or takes too long to reach.

If you want to be a Booth Star for the night with one of our celebrity-style photo booth hire packages, in London or anywhere in the UK, then give the team a call today.

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The Boothstar team love a party perhaps more than we love posing for a snap. So when we received our invite to take our coveted photo booth hire to London for the recent Spotify bash, we were more than a bit excited!

Spotify, an online music streaming service first established in 2008, were throwing the party to celebrate a landmark 10 million users. This was no ordinary party either – Camden’s top Koko club was morphed into a multitude of different zones, including a chill out room and a Guitar Hero area. Our party photo booth fitted into the London event perfectly, with all manner of press, record labels, PR agencies and musicians queuing at our curtain for a go. Photo booth hire definitely has a habit of creating that kind of reaction!

Once inside the photo booth the fun didn’t stop, as the fancy dress box was repeatedly raided and the party-goers continued experimenting with various wacky looks. Our unlimited instant photo booth prints gave everyone a memento to take home reminding them of the night, while our custom Spotify branding on each photo ensured everybody remembered why they were there in the first place!

There was plenty going on outside the confines of the slick Boothstar photo booth though, with the likes of Imelda May and The Bees performing live on the Koko stage to an enthused crowd of music-lovers.

Party photo booth hire is essential for creating that feel-good atmosphere at all kinds of parties, whether they’re corporate and raising brand awareness or private and just for laughs. Find out what Boothstar Photo Booth hire can do for your event.

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Another birthday, another Ellie! This time it was 16 year old Ellie from Surrey, who marked her sweet sixteen with photo booth hire from BoothStar. Inside the huge marquee erected in her parents Surrey residence garden was the sound of a live DJ and a flashing dance floor – not to mention a bar (for the adults) and plush, pinky-glowing light displays. Our super-sleek party photo booth fitted right in with its pink-hued curtains!

To match the theme further, we customised Ellie’s photographs from the photo booth with pink banners and personalised text.

Print customisation is a great opportunity to get a bit creative with your photo booth rental. It gives businesses a chance to brand every photograph with a logo or slogan, while it gives brides and grooms the chance to thank everyone for attending their special day. In Ellie’s case, a simple “Ellie’s 16th Birthday” did the trick. The perfect keepsake for all of Ellie’s family and school friends – not that our party photo booths are hard to forget that quickly!

Photo booths give teenagers especially a great party activity, with results they’ll keep for a long time after the night is over. If you are considering photo booth hire in Surrey, contact a member of the BoothStar team for their impartial advice today.

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Here at BoothStar we love a good party. In fact scrap that, we just love a party! So when Sue asked us to bring our party photo booth to her annual Meadow Cottage party in Solihull, we thought about it for about, ooh, a minute?

Sue was savvy and asked that with her party photo booth hire, we provide a guestbook so her guests could sign it as they used the photo booth. We obliged of course, and the result was fantastic – a sleek album with a copy of every photograph captured that night, and messages from Sue’s guests thanking her for a brilliant party. When we presented the photo booth guestbook to Sue at the end of the night, you can imagine how pleased she was.

When we provide a guestbook with our photo booth rental packages, our booth butlers will look after it completely until the end of the hire time. They’ll make sure multiple prints are printed out every time the photo booth is used – plenty for the guests that used it and one for the guestbook. They’ll also make sure that guests remember to write a message next to their pictures. That means when the party photo booth hire is over (boo hoo) the host will have a fantastic memento of the night to take away with them (yay!).

Guest books and photo booths go together like tipsy party-goers and a fancy dress box – all round fun!

You can book your party photo booth in Solihull with BoothStar today. Just get in touch and find out how.

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Happy birthday and many happy returns to Ellie, who recently turned 21 and had a massive birthday bash in Warwick to mark the occasion. With our fabled party photo booth in tow, the booth butlers arrived on the scene with a huge box of fancy dress accessories to inspire some silliness. Photo booth hire is hardly considered a boring addition to a Warwickshire event, but throw some pink wigs and oversized glasses into the mix and you’ve got endless giggles guaranteed.

Our sleek black party photo booth with its lavish curtains fits into any surroundings, whether it’s a residential property, a business building or a swanky manor house. We have to admit however, it’s pretty hard keeping a straight face as you watch a stream of suit-clad partygoers queuing for our stylish photo booth while trying on novelty hats and wigs!

Ellie’s birthday was a relaxed affair though, with our party photo booth package entertaining kids and adults of all ages. In fact, most of the adults seemed to make more repeat visits to the booth than the children!

That’s one of the great benefits of party photo booth hire. It’s so much fun for all ages, and completely child friendly – if you want to talk about the other brilliant benefits, speak to a photo booth expert at BoothStar today.

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