Wouldn’t it be great if at every birthday party there was a portable photo booth, with unlimited high quality, digital photographs for every person that used it?… That’s what BoothStar thought, so we created our fantastic party photo booth packages for those special birthdays – like Karen’s 40th in Leeds!

Photo booth hire is ideal fun for families, children or adults. Our digital photo booth is easy to use and accessible for children, who can use the booth unsupervised – that is, if you can keep the adults out of it! Karen’s friends and family made up a lively crowd at the Leeds Irish Centre, where our photo booth stirred up hours of fun for the guests of all ages. Our props and fancy dress items formed an important part of the fun, with Karen herself taking many different guises in the booth and creating numerous memorable snaps for her friends.

As well as our photo booth, live music was provided courtesy of two guitarists (who were actually brothers at this family affair). When guests weren’t enjoying the drinks, food or great live performances, they were diving into our BoothStar photo booth.

Karen and pals proved that party-goers really know how to enjoy themselves in Leeds. Photo booth hire is the ideal way to capture those fun times on film – so if you’re planning a family-friendly event and want a BoothStar photo booth hire package of your own, have a chat with the team to find out more.

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