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What is it about photo booth hire that makes it such a firm favourite at modern events?

After Paris Hilton revealed she was the proud owner of one in her home, The X Factor 2009 wrap party was the first major event in the UK to engage in photo booth hire. UK event planners didn’t know what had hit them until this point! The X Factor, already a cultural craze itself, pushed photo booth’s into the limelight and soon enough no event was worth having without one.

The booth enclosure creates a sense of intimacy, fun and novelty. We all associate passport photography with instant photo booths that all carry the same common aesthetic – a booth, seat and curtain. These features are all consistent with photo booth’s hired for events, and provide the same sense of privacy and intimacy that gives the user the opportunity to reveal themselves on film.

Another aspect of the classic photo booth use is its nostalgia. Many people have used a photo booth at some time in their past, most likely as teenagers, to get photo’s taken with their boyfriend or girlfriends. Others may have used photo booths to bundle into with friends, to get a fun, unusual photographic keepsake. This perhaps is a more extroverted use of the booth, as friends competed to see who could pull the silliest face, or strike the best pose in the limited four flashes.

Either motive for using the photo booth is a great motive, with the end result being a photographic strip the users can keep and reminisce about.

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